New Roma Pizza Returning to 116 Delancey

Posted on: May 8th, 2012 at 6:09 am by

Despite some rumor-mongering to the contrary last fall, we can confirm without a doubt that pizza will indeed be returning to the corner of Essex and Delancey. Cashiers at the adjacent bodega maintained for months that New Roma, which closed for renovations last June, would reopen. And it is. After exactly one year in exile.

The used-and-abused plywood was finally peeled from the corner brickwork yesterday afternoon, revealing a slightly modified exterior. Expect a new canopy for the establishment as well, considering half the inserts have also been removed during the interim period.

Meanwhile, one contractor was nice enough to invite us inside 116 Delancey to shoot some pictures of the remodeled interior. The facelift is rather major, removing much of the old-timey pizza parlor flavor from the space. Luckily they’re holding onto the toy dispensers.

We are also told, that as part of the renovations, New Roma will occupy the second floor.  Opening date is still pegged at “soon.”

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  • David

    Looks great, I saw there is a 1 dollar slice place across the street now.  Don’t know how good it is.

    • Guest1234

      Best dollar slice in the city.

  • We are going back …cant wait
                                   THE ORIGINAL DELANCEY STREET PEANUT COMPANY

    • We’d delete your comment but the world should know that you are a spam troll that we have tried to ban for 3 years but you keep reinventing yourself and trying to peddle your shit. Sometimes you even make it to our Facebook page. Please go away. No one here cares about your nuts.