Hot Dog Wars: Links Opens Tomorrow at 188 Allen

Posted on: October 3rd, 2012 at 6:29 am by

In the west corner…at 201 Allen…dressed in lights and window paper robes…is Los Perros Locos, a smallish outpost specializing in Colombian-style hot dogs. Over in the east corner…sporting some serious heft…it’s the newly-christened Links. Keep the punches clean. Let’s get ready to rumble. (Okay, that’s enough)

The Allen Street hot dog wars are only just beginning. Both establishments installed store signage within a few weeks of each other. Los Perros Locos boasts the illuminated variety, while the cross-route competition instead chose the branded blue retractable awning. As for the latter, the previous working name that sources revealed last month (“Brews and Dogs”) was scrapped in favor of Links.

We are told that Links opens tomorrow at 188 Allen; Los Perros Locos should follow later this month.

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