Unidentified Lower East Side Dog Walker Singled Out for Alleged Abuse

Posted on: January 31st, 2013 at 11:23 am by


One whistleblower witnessed a dog walker allegedly smack one of her leashed canines with brute force while at the corner of Forsyth and Delancey last week. The angry onlooker snapped a photo near Sara D. Roosevelt Park and passed along the info to Project Pet, Inc. in the hopes of ushering in some sort of street justice for the caretaker.

Today when I was walking my dog I saw this dogwalker in in the park by Forsyth and Delancey Street SMACK one of the dogs she was walking on the top of the nose and yell ‘BAD!’ and then smack the dog again. It was HARD, so much so that it made a noise that was audible from like 20 feet away, and the dog winced. This was upsetting and I can’t imagine the owners of the dogs she is walking would be ok with this. I took these pictures (unfortunately they are pretty terrible) in the hopes of maybe tracking them down. Does anyone recognize any of the dogs? Maybe if everyone forwards it to dog people they know in the neighborhood they can be found? I would guess they live south of Delancey as that’s the direction she was headed . . .

The dogs appear to be: 2 white small-medium poodle-type dogs, 1 small-medium apricot poodle type dog, 1 large black and white mix in orange coat, 1 medium-large floppy eared dog in blue coat with reflective stripe, 1 small floppy eared dog in black coat, 1 large black lab with grey muzzle.

Anybody recognize the dogs in the photo?

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  • DrSqueeze

    We need to defend our pets that can’t defend themselves…If true this dogwalker should be hit in the nose as hard as she hit one of those adorable dogs…

  • Dog owner

    This is my dog walker! And this is another example of sensationalizing stories to get readers to this site. This dog walker is fantastic with her dogs. She called each and every owner she works with to notify them of this story and they all back her. If any of you actually owned a dog you know discipline is required…a tap to the nose is a endorsed method in the correct situations. Please research facts a little before posting this type of thing….

    • Creepy McSteezerson

      Do you know what happens when your dogs are with her without you there? No. Also, if you own a dog you should know that discipline does not require VIOLENCE. A tap on the nose does nothing, in fact punishment does nothing but HARM the situation and possibly make the problem worse. Again, if you own a dog you would know this. If you do not know this, shame shame shame. Research before you post things ;)
      Lastly, people can talk but that doesn’t mean they tell the truth. Owners hire a dog walker to walk their dogs while they are NOT there. This was not posted here first. In fact, it was passed around facebook first not to get attention, but to NOTIFY you and the other owners that this dog walker is not to be trusted. This was posted to PROTECT YOUR DOGS. So give it some thought. Everyone in the area will continuously be looking for this woman to catch her in the act. It’s funny that she doesn’t walk in that area anymore since we have all been looking for her – not wanting to be caught maybe? Sounds like it to me. The innocent do not hide.

      • jimpeel

        Stop! Stop! You’re making my heart bleed!

    • Creepy McSteezerson

      Not to mention a “tap on the nose” cannot be heard from 20 FEET AWAY. There are other people who have seen this woman, including someone close to me, who has seen her literally DRAGGING these animals along with total disregard to how fast they can actually walk.

      • common sense

        lol, I can snap my fingers and you’d hear it 20 feet away. That is a ridiculously small distance. Hearing her “smack” a dog from that close means nothing. And there’s not one dog on the planet that cant out walk a person. Your arguments are counter productive. I’m completely against animal abuse, but you’re sensationalizing this story. And if you didn’t actually see it yourself then don’t argue it like it’s fact. Anybody can make up a story to hurt someones rep, only idiots repeat it without knowing.

        • Creepy McSteezerson

          Really? There are no dogs who are unable to out walk a human? You clearly have totally forgotten that dogs grow older and frail and yes, some are unable to out walk humans as elderly canines. And, of course, you did not at all read that someone who I am close with DID witness her abusive behavior. There is no reason for him to lie.

          • jimpeel

            A friend of a friend of mine said …

      • jimpeel

        AGAIN … I can hear someone tapping their fingers from 20 feet away. What’s your point?

  • Curb your dogs

    Never understood how people walk 7+ dogs at the same time. Doesn’t seem safe at all. One doggy mob rule and that person is screwed. Forget hitting on the nose, it’s taser time!

    • Creepy McSteezerson

      You, sir or ma’am, are an idiot. Ever heard of a properly trained dog? I guess not. You’ve probably never owned one.

      • Curb your dogs

        The only person who should have 8 animals on a leash at a time is Santa. He exists right? Cuz I’m an idiot. Never owned a dog. Living in NYC, it seems cruel to keep a dog in a small apartment all day while I’m at work.

        • Creepy McSteezerson

          “Never owned a dog”. Right there is what makes your opinion completely invalid. 8 animals on a leash who are well behaved enjoy the company AND the walk. I live in NYC with my dog, an APBT mix, in a one bedroom apartment. He will wait until I come home and then gets all the attention in the world. If you walk, play with, and are attentive to your dog enough, the size of the home will not matter. Yes, some breeds require more space for optimal happiness (i.e. herding breeds and those like the Rhodesian Ridgeback). Not all dogs “require” this though. Even a high energy dog can be cared for properly, like mine. A few hours at the park daily (not including the 4+ walks)? No problem. If you love the animal enough, you MAKE the time.

          • Curb your dogs

            I’m sold. Usually when I spend a few hours in the park daily looking for something to love, the trench coat makes me stand out. Maybe bringing a dog along will help.

            And I dunno about your dog, but the way you call me an idiot and my opinions completely invalid, I’d probably shit on your floor before you got home so I could laugh as I watched you clean it up. Woof woof!

      • jimpeel

        Yes. A properly trained dog has had their nose smacked with a newspaper and their leash yanked numerous times. That is called training.

  • Leucas

    People who think that’s abuse have obviously never had a dog – or let their dog run amok for fear of disciplining it.

    • Creepy McSteezerson

      You are a fool for thinking this is proper training. A smack that can be heard from 20 feet away? That’s acceptable? I hope you never own a dog. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, not punishment, has been proven time and time again to be the most effective training method.

      • jimpeel

        I can hear someone tapping their fingers from 20 feet away. What’s your point?

    • ur a piece of garbage

      wait until i discipline you by smaking you upside the face. see how you like and the sad thing is, you can defend it, they cannot.

      • that guy

        sure they can, but then overreacting people would want the dog put down since it’s clearly out of control.

  • Telling it like it is

    You are missing some vital information; the dog in question had something in its mouth that it would not drop. The dog walker feared it would swallow said item and
    potentially injure itself, so it was rapped on the nose to make it drop it. What was she supposed to do, talk to the do as if it understands english? When does that
    work with a dog keen on keeping its new prize?

    You have jumped to conclusions without knowing the whole situation; you Elis and Project Pet, Inc. are nothing but trolls.

    I would have done the same thing to my dog if he had picked something up and you would have called me an abuser too without knowing my dog is deaf and blind. How am I supposed to communicate with him when I am in crisis mode to make sure he does not swallow this foreign object? He is not going to hear me or see me telling
    him to drop it, physical action is the only option.

    Your quick judgment has endangered this woman by making her a target. Get your facts straight before you scream street justice.

    • Shannmark

      You would hit your deaf and blind dog? Why do you even have a dog?

      • Telling it like it is

        Wow, you missed the whole point didn’t you. Let me try again in simple terms.

        If he’s picked up something that could harm him or make him choke than yes I would rap him on the nose to drop it.

        You would stand by and let a dog choke to death or get poisoned? So humane of you.

        • DaRealTopDog

          it simple. people wit dogs love em like they kids. sometime ya gotta smack yo kids upside da head when dey outta line. but it ain’t cool when yo babysitter smack em. lolz

        • shannmark

          My dogs are surrounded by chicken bones and other harmful debris on the streets of NYC. I sweep their mouths and remove the objects. I have NEVER hit them. Your should not be allowed to own a dog since you are obviously a moron.

  • Ron on the Lower East Side

    Everyone who is outraged over this should get a life – or a dog. And if they did the latter they’d know why you sometimes discipline (yes, even HIT) your dog once in a while on, say, the nose. No one is proud to have done it – But sometimes it’s acceptable. Example: When your dog is eating something found on the streets of NYC that you believe may be a chicken bone or similar (which can be damaging and even deadly to the hound) and you’re trying to dislodge it. Like in this instance. The person who made the post that inspired this “story” shows nothing in her silly phone camera photos – except that this matter is entirely out of context. For The Record: I personally know the dog walker, she has been MY dog walker for more than a year, I trust her completely with my precious pooch whom I love as much anything or anyone. My dog RUNS to her every time they meet, leaps into her arms, and never gets enough of their companionship. I trust this character-assassinated dog walker completely – with my dog and the keys to my apartment. SHAME on Bowery Boogie (and writer Elle) for hype-ing it up in the first place.

  • leaveheraloneshesawesome

    This is an excellent dog walker. She smacks dogs on the nose ONLY when the dogs are going after food that’s on the street. A smack on the nose – no matter how loud – should be preferred over letting the dog eat what could be potentially poisonous. Basically, what I’m asking is: Do you want your dog to be temporarily shocked by a firm, direct smack or do you want to take your dog to the ER when he’s puking up God-knows-what?

  • http://www.facebook.com/francesa1 Frances Anna Ayers

    There is never any need to smack a dog so hard,it’s cries can be heard from a distance.If anyone has a cell phone with them and they witness any animal cruelty,please call 311 and make a report!