That ‘Stranger Things’ LES Photo Shoot Hits the Pages of GQ [PHOTOS]

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It was during the wee hours of an overcast October Sunday that we happened upon the child cast of Netflix hit series Stranger Things. The stars had assembled beside the faded Bruce Cost ginger ale mural at the northwest corner of Ludlow and Canal Streets for a photo shoot to appear in GQ magazine. The production assistants and security at the time were adamant against any fan photos – most pedestrians were clueless about who they were – but we snuck a few shots anyway.

Two months later, those images and the accompanying story finally made it to press as part of the December 2016 issue. Focus of the shoot is on 12-year-old star who plays Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown.

She is surrounded by a small crowd on a street corner in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A photographer snaps pictures and spouts compliments: “Beautiful, perfect.” Tourists stop to take pictures of their own. Her mother stands nearby holding a sandwich and fries, which she snacks on between shots.

She is in full makeup, with professionally and perfectly styled hair—she spent two hours in “glam” before her GQ photo shoot. She leans in toward the camera, making the faces models make. She bends her knee and pops a leg in the air. It’s a very skinny leg. And actually, now that you see her standing next to the photographer, she’s very short. Just over four feet tall. She is Millie Bobbie Brown, the very adult 12-year-old star of Netflix’s out-of-nowhere hit Stranger Things.

Photo: GQ

Photo: GQ

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