Known White Supremacist DJ’d the After-Party at Clockwork Bar that Turned Violent [Updated]

Posted on: February 15th, 2017 at 5:00 am by


It turns out the 211 Crew was reportedly hanging out at Clockwork on Saturday night for an after-party, and a known skinhead was on the turntables.

In its press statement this week, bar owner Frank Scotto condemned the subsequent attack on two Columbia grad students (siblings), noting that Clockwork is not a place for this behavior, and “views and beliefs” of hate groups are not welcome. Good on them, of course.

However, that doesn’t really explain how or why an alleged member of the 211 hate group was allowed to DJ the bar. No simple background checks into social media?


One Matt Restuccia, lead singer of the right-wing “oi” band Lonewolf and member of the 211 Crew, had been deejaying an after-party at Clockwork on the night of the incident. Flyers for the event indicate the party as being in celebration of the concert by English punk band Cock Sparrer. The advert, and chatter of Restuccia’s involvement, has seen some action on NYC Antifa’s social media. Specifically, a photograph of him wearing a t-shirt of white-supremacist band Skullhead, while posing next to an alleged Neo-Nazi.

According to Frank Scotto, Restuccia had only deejayed at Clockwork on three separate occasions, and he wasn’t aware of the checkered background.


“Matt Restuccia was the DJ [Saturday] night; I was not aware of any affiliation he has with any group,” Scotto told us in an email. “He also DJ’d on 2 other occasions without incidents, but will no longer be allowed at Clockwork.”

UPDATE: A reader points out that Restuccia was previously a bartender at Clockwork.


Meanwhile, Restuccia responded to a friend on his Facebook page that’s since been made private:

1: There was no knife. 2: There were no brass knuckles. 3: It was not a 7 on 2 situation or whatever the Post reported. As for what started the whole thing, I was inside djing so have no idea. At the end of the day it’s an unsubstantiated, one sided report of something minor, being made out to be something far bigger than it is.

The 211 Crew/211 Bootboys are a skinhead group active in New York City and Washington DC. The local faction of 211 is purportedly not affiliated with the Colorado gang of same, which began behind bars in the 1990s, and now has a presence in several states.


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