Street Profiles: Leviticus

Posted on: September 4th, 2008 at 9:23 am by

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Without knowing it, downtown denizens probably recognize the ubiquitous Freestyle Family tags. Its self-proclaimed “Global President,” Leviticus [Myspace], is back on the streets armed with his unique grassroots artwork. Just take a walk around the neighborhood, and you will notice many sign posts, magazine boxes, and bicycles stuck with small paste-ups that eerily resemble religious propaganda.

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But Leviticus is not new to the scene. From November 2004 until April 2006, he was involved with the Williamsburg-based art collective and performance space called the Glasshouse Gallery [link]. Specifically their Friday night jams, in which he was reportedly a cameraman of sorts.

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In his own words:
“Leviticus is a world famous artist producing superior oil paintings, public street art, philosophy books, builds ‘experimental’ art venues, creates ‘experimental’ orchestras and performs in ‘freestyle’ concerts.”

“Leviticus produces hundreds of public street art pieces a year in New York City, intended for public consumption and critique. This work is funded by sales of his oil paintings.”

“Leviticus is changing the modern paradigms of music making by expanding the formal band structure, making it a more freeform experience…”

“Leviticus creates his own venues to produce his orchestras…”

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Leviticus is on Flickr. Buy something [link]

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