Sign Language: Uncovered on Houston

Posted on: March 31st, 2009 at 8:23 am by

The north-facing facade of Dos Caminos on W. Houston is usually sponsored by some liquor company. Turnover rate for ads on this space is actually quite surprising, averaging about once a month. However, all yesterday, the original brickwork was exposed and remained bare long enough to reveal its true identity. Unfortunately, its fading signage is nearly impossible to decipher. Anyone out there know what it was advertising?

Odds seem pretty high that another liquor company will rent the space in the immediate future.

UPDATE: per commenter Sean Sweeney, “It is only about five years old, a painted sign for Knob Creek Bourbon as well as other similar co-mingled contemporary painted advertising signs, one of many ad murals put up on that wall regularly in recent years, replacing a 70s artwork. What happened is that the the ad company put up recently a vinyl sign, not hung, but glued to the wall. Vinyl signs are illegal in the Historic District. But is looked painted unless it was examined closely.”

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