Nabe News: August 11

Posted on: August 11th, 2009 at 1:31 pm by

The Bowery just north of Houston is pandering to the Melrose Place demographic.  No surprise there [EV Grieve]

Speaking of Bowery uber-yuppification, the luxury condo 52E4 finally gets its private driveway [Curbed]

Late last night, a sole bar-goer outside The Box was dressed only in swim trunks, presumably for the notorious Wednesday night “beach parties.”  The club is closed on Monday. Dumbass [Grub St]

MTV plans to exit its Times Square studio by the end of the year.  Asking price on the space is a cool $11.6 million.  Who’s next? [Curbed]

Why you should think twice before walking our scummy city streets in flip flops [Daily Intel]

Robotorium occupied 252 Mott Street (near Prince) in the early eighties.  It’s now a destination for designer eyewear [Ephemeral NY]

A fascinating explanation as to why Manhattan lacks so many alleys when compared to other cities.  The Commissioner’s Plan in 1811 set up the grid as we know it today which was intended to create “a free and abundant circulation of air.”  City elite believed this was the proper solution to what they viewed as a dangerous health problem [



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