Beatles Rock Band is Worthy

Posted on: September 10th, 2009 at 10:57 am by

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This may not apply to the Lower East Side specifically, but eff it, it’s the friggin’ Beatles. After lucking out and scoring the last copy at a local Game Stop, we went straight home to test it out. Three hours later we claimed victory, but are now realizing that the surface has only been scratched.

Some disclosure: we are lifelong Beatles fans and have played the guitar for years. With that out of the way, Beatles Rock Band is everything a fan could want. Unlike some of the earlier versions of Guitar Hero, the music is real and not distracting. It feels like you are playing along with the Beatles, pun intended.

Possibly the biggest discovery for many fans, gamers, people living in the wilderness, etc. will be learning that each Beatle was an amazing musician; Paul’s bass lines are so intense that we have yet to play the game as bassist; complex guitar rhythms catch you off guard even after years of listening to their catalog; and Ringo’s drumming is definitely harder than it sounds.

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Relevance to the LES? Sure. Let’s say a Rock Band Ramones edition is released. Yeah, it would probably suck. Unless you were being judged on your ability to yell “1-2-3-4” before every song, and were only required to play 3 buttons.  What Ramones song would you want to see most?  Least?

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