Nabe News: September 11

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Grieve ran into Tyson Beckford and friends during Fashion’s Night Out, and the same cheerleading squad we mentioned this morning.  The upper Bowery is this much closer to L.A., people.  Duck and cover [EV Grieve; Previously]

Preserving the theater of the Provincetown Playhouse is proving to be quite the task.  The Villager reports that a large section of the northern wall is gone. “Stringer said he was upset not only that N.Y.U. failed to let the task force and C.B. 2 know about the breach in the Provincetown Playhouse wall for about three weeks, but that the trust between N.Y.U. and the Village community that the task force has developed over the past three years was compromised.” [The Villager; Previously]

Twin lights [Greenwich Village Daily Photo]

Take a break from your routine and peek inside the tent of the Trapeze School of New York, located on the upper High Line.  Jeremiah has some cool pictures of acrobats. Where do we sign up? [Vanishing NY]

Displaced residents of 128 Hester Street are fighting to keep the building in place.  The DOB still believes the tenement is unsafe, and has ordered demolition.  Tenants maintain that the owners, who just happen to own the adjacent lot on which an eighteen-story hotel is being erected, are to blame for neglecting a deteriorating situation [Downtown Express; Previously]

On March 16, 1982, The Soho News published a news brief about drugs in the East Village.  At the time,  many felt that the “drugs sold in Alphabet City are far superior to Harlem’s, and police say the operators go to some length to establish brand loyalty.”  [Ephemeral NY]

Rats dine merrily in Tompkins Square Park [Neither More Nor Less]



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