A Trove of Antique Footwear Uncovered at 92 Orchard

Posted on: November 11th, 2009 at 6:25 am by

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Mark Miller has been renovating his 92 Orchard Street gallery space for months now.  Indeed, back in July, the old Luggage Plus signage was stripped from the facade, new security gates installed, and the interior completely gutted.  According to the DOB, the storefront is undergoing some new structural changes, including a new staircase linking the cellar with the ground floor.  It was in this very cellar yesterday afternoon that workers stumbled upon quite the discovery.

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Indeed, a trove of antique rubber boots from a bygone era was uncovered and placed in the dumpster out front.  It appears the footwear was stored in burlap sacks, all of which have since disintegrated.

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UPDATE: In response to questions about preserving the boots, Derya at the Tenement Museum wrote the following in the comments:

Some of the boots had makers marks on the bottom from the “Converse Rubber Co” which existed 1908-1929. Unfortunately, rubber does not preserve well (especially after being in a dank cellar for maybe 100yrs) so they were too far gone for the museum to salvage. Extremely brittle and severely misshapen.

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[July 2009]

[Many thanks to the Tenement Museum for the tip]

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