New Toy Dispenser for 95 Delancey

Posted on: June 11th, 2010 at 6:36 am by

Controversial landlord Baruch Singer just added a bit more flare to his drab offices at 95 Delancey.  Chained to the frontage is this colorful toy-dispensing machine.

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There are four different branded toy options – Toy Story 3, Ben 10, Barbie, or Hot Wheels.  But, get this, it only uses tokens which must be purchased at the receptionist window inside.  And the exchange rate is bogus; $2 for one token!  What a rip.

This image has been archived or removed.

Though it could be a promotional ploy, the employee with whom we spoke promised that this act of child’s play has no ulterior motive.  Baruch Singer reportedly has a “relationship” with the business who manufactures and distributes these units.  Its presence is quite conspicuous, yet more sidewalk-friendly than another third-party ATM machine.

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