Con Artist Paints NeonSandwich

Posted on: July 9th, 2010 at 6:23 am by

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Wednesday evening, the Con Artist collective held a humorous display of public art beside its hatch-flap entrance. It was a veiled attempt to lure after-hours customers into the basement shop. And the tactic proved succesful.

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At the center of the publicity stunt was a man dressed head-to-toe in a white jumpsuit, respirator, and swim goggles. In 80-degree heat! He posed mime-like on a wooden pedestal while nighttime passersby doused him in colorful spray-paint provided by Con Artist.  This went on for hours.

Beneath the layers of paint was the artist professionally known as NeonSandwich, the self-proclaimed creator of “Pop-Taoism.” Con Artist is currently featuring all of his artwork – paintings and apparel – including the excellent Crucifixation Series, which explores the pop-culture impact of “rock stars whose time came too early in life.” The 27 club.

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[Photo Credit: NeonSandwich]

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