85 Pitt Street Evacuated Last Night

Posted on: October 7th, 2010 at 12:39 pm by

We just received a dispatch from a reader regarding the evacuation of 85 Pitt Street last night.  Apparently the building was cleared by firefighters after a “noxious” smell was discovered.

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From the inbox:

My friend lives there and said he first heard his roommate coughing and when the latter came knocking, my friend opened the door and saw his roomie’s eyes were bloodshot and he was wheezing. My friend started to smell something highly noxious and chemical and about ten seconds later he was in the same state as his roommate and they fled the building. Firemen and the works showed up and cleared the building but everyone returned to their rooms at night. I know this building is notorious (for bed bugs, among other things)… any ideas?

If you have any further information, please drop a line or hit us up in the comments.

85 Pitt does have a nasty reputation with bed bugs.  According to the Bed Bug Registry, there have been six reports in the last couple years at this address.  Here is one comment:

This building is so disgusting. The super is a lazy alcoholic and never cleans the hallways, garbage area or stairs. The whole building looks and smells like a dumpster.

I reported a bed bug problem a couple of months ago and notified the landlord who never returned any of my calls. Things got so bad that I was leaving him 5 messages a day while living in the Gem hotel or commuting from my families house upstate.

He finally agreed to send over the exterminator. He made an appointment with me and never showed up. I tried to call the landlord but he was out of town. We brought in our own exterminator and the bugs are gone for now but I know they will be back. Word to the wise: Don’t move here. It’s really pyschologically damaging and you wind up not enjoying yourself while you are home because you are paranoid.

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