Broadway Exterminating Introduces Bedbug-Sniffing Dog

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Neighborhood newcomer Broadway Exterminating finally unveiled its store awning at 66 Rivington Street last month.  Since opening in mid-December, the environmentally-conscious pest control company has completely transformed the former salon space.

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This recent Lower East Side addition offers a full menu of exterminating options, including Jeter, the bedbug-sniffing puggle (Beagle-Pug).  Jeter is in the employ of year-old sister company NYK9 Inspections, which shares the same real estate.  He exercises and trains inside a glass domicile at 66 Rivington, and is fully visible to passing pedestrians.  Sometimes, crowds will gather on the sidewalk to watch him burn calories on the doggie-treadmill.

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Last week, we spent an afternoon with Jeter’s handler, David Lutzker, and were treated to a firsthand demonstration.  First order of business was a half-hour on the treadmill, necessary to maintain health.  Lutzker said that work dogs are meant to be lean and mean, so to speak, and that the average canine career is roughly ten years.  Then came the fun part.  We hid two glass viles of live bedbugs around the store; Jeter was trained to detect the scent of living pests and eggs, nothing dead.  Within minutes, the dog pawed the two locations, and received treats for reinforcement.

As for the business itself, Broadway Exterminating opened a location on the Lower East Side to capitalize on the recent emergence of hotel and student populations, traditional harbors of bedbugs.  Our neighborhood is reportedly infested, but no more than any other area in Manhattan.  Just wait until the summer, though. The Daily News already predicted summer 2011 to be bedbug city. So if you see a discarded sidewalk mattress, Latzker half-jokingly recommends that you “cross the street.”

Below is their comical promo video:

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