Rag & Bone Mural Update

Posted on: March 15th, 2011 at 6:18 am by

Think of 73 East Houston as a low-profile sister canvas to the graffiti wall across the thoroughfare.  The Elizabeth Street facade of Rag & Bone has been a favored target by many a vandal, even during the Cafe Colonial days.  And judging by its overall condition and lack of upkeep recently, it appears that the trendy boutique shop has given up, allowing the space to organically evolve.  There are some new additions.  Much of the Lady Gaga Supreme wheat-paste has been torn away, uncovering the long-obstructed work of Honduran artist Josh Villatoro.  Not to mention the advent of numerous graffiti tags and street stickers.

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Villatoro was the winner of a late-Autumn design contest to create the next mural for Rag & Bone.  The chicken-egg piece was completed at the end of November, and remains surprisingly unscathed beneath the layers of posted bills.

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