The Shorebound Swim, The Red Room [2/28/11]

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Finding love is never easy. Many of us go to great lengths to look for that special someone. For some, this search includes Facebook stalking and misplaced texts. For the characters in The Shorebound Swim with a one Kick Click (Lucky Artist Theater Company), fish are hacked to pieces and sperm gets hijacked in several desperate attempts to find what’s missing in these flawed characters’ lives… whether it kills them or not.

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Up-and-coming playwright/co-director Markus Paminger has framed his world by creating two characters looking for love in the most bizarre ways possible. From a scientist writing on topics ranging from nuclear science to the Fibonacci series (electrocuting himself to unconsciousness daily in the process), to Edith Branen, the crazed homekeeper desperately wanting to start a family, Mr. Paminger creepily explores what people will do to one another when overcome with obsession and regret.

The standout in this small ensemble is arguably William Kozy as scientist Nicholas Krusen, who displays a wide range in this role. Shifting suddenly from a broken, pathetic man to a strong and well… insane but well-meaning scientist repeatedly throughout the production. Look out for his touching monologue when he finally puts his clothes back on (it makes sense, trust me) about halfway through this hour-long program.

With fantastic sound direction from Renee Levine, co-direction from Alison Carroll and talented supporting members Victor Beibring and Natalie Hoff, this play may not be what many people will be expecting to see, but Markus’s gift for lyricism and brutal honesty will pull you in nonetheless.

Be sure to check out the final performance as part of the Frigid New York’s Art Festival at The Red Room (85 East 4th Street) this Sunday, 12:30pm.

Written by Mike Levine

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