Coming Soon: No Fun at 161 Ludlow Street

Posted on: August 2nd, 2011 at 6:42 am by

Changes are definitely afoot at 161 Ludlow Street.  Indeed, a host of Ludlow luminaries are pooling their efforts (and cash) on a new venture here. Talent from Pianos, Mikey’s Burger, and Motor City Bar are reportedly planning a new bar-slash-restaurant in the wake of the failed Imperial Tavern.

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Within the last few months, activity jumpstarted at 161 Ludlow.  Most notable was the whitewashing of the exterior, which brightened up the storefront from its previous incarnation.  Curbside dumpsters have had cameo appearances lately, too, aiding with the ongoing gut renovation.  We stopped by the worksite a few times in the last couple weeks and learned more about the forthcoming tenant from one of the co-owners, Shimon Ribok (of Mikey’s).

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We are told the venture is dubbed No Fun NYC, even though it sorta sounds like more of a practical joke.  The colorful FUN sign that preceded the new owners was reportedly part of the impetus behind the new namesake.  That and the Stooges.  Apparently, No Fun will dish out a menu dominated by tapas selections.  Liquor license paperwork is still bouncing around  the State Liquor Authority bureaucracy.  Scheduled opening is within the next couple weeks.

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Before the deep sleep, as it were, 161 was the longtime home of Paladar, which eventually gave way to Mason Reese and his Imperial Tavern last November.  Not two months after opening here, the restaurant was listed for sale, and seemed to shutter shortly thereafter.  And aside from the occasional night when doors would open, the tavern remained out of commission through the rest of winter and into the spring.

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