Thumbs Down for Club Mystique on Chrystie

Posted on: August 12th, 2011 at 6:18 am by

It’s really no secret that Club Mystique at 141 Chrystie Street is rather unpopular with the locals.  We’ve fielded plenty of reader responses on the subject.  The blue-lit facade and expansive interior form a tractor beam the likes of which B&T hordes cannot avoid.  Blackbook Magazine isn’t too high on Mystique, either.

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The perennial nightlife guide gave it the shaft in a recent writeup by Steve Lewis.  Indeed, the headline says it all – “There’s no Mystique at the LES’s Club Mystique.”  Herewith, some excerpts:

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The decor must have been inspired the lyrics, “I wear my sunglasses at night.” It was a time machine that whisked me back to 1981, maybe somewhere in Jersey. A glaring light show obscured the room but I caught just enough to know it was pure cheese. A rather nice fellow offered me a greeting and small talk “Hey Steve, How ya been? Did you design this?” I offered back an “OMG No!” and pondered if I had just hit rock bottom. The crowd, or small gathering of guests, was cute but seemed occupied with text messaging. I think they were all trying to figure out how long they had to stay to be polite to their promoter hosts.

Someone wanted to show me the closed Karaoke Room, which I was told was quite nice. There was a mention of some roof that was to be developed and maybe I could help out. I opted out and looked for the exit and civilization as I know it. Although the vision of Club Mystique never gets near mine, I could see that a ton of money went into it. The bar was well-appointed and the staff was friendly enough if not miscast for NYC. I sped into the night. I didn’t look back.

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