White Slab Palace on Delancey Shutters

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The rocky road has abruptly ended for White Slab Palace.  Recently plagued with narcs and closure at the hands of the Seventh Precinct, the three-year-old Scandinavian nightspot decided to call it quits.  As Zagat Buzz first broke, the following letter to the neighborhood was taped to the windows. It succinctly spells out the reasoning behind the decision:

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Dear Patrons, guests, and friends,

We are sorry to be closed.  After having been harassed by the 7th Precinct for months and months on end, we are now facing a very uncertain future.

It is with great regret we turn toward tomorrow and the times to come, yet we remain hopeful that brighter and lighter days lie ahead.

And…memories of times gone by couldn’t have been so lavish and exquisite had it not been for all of you who came here and to Good World, with all your stories, pasts, personalities and individual traits!

Thanks again, and until further notice, hope to see you all around.

Best, Annika, John, Lu, and staff.

PS. Sincerest thanks to all staff (throughout the years) most of whom have stood by us through thick and thin, and who have also proven themselves to be knights and princesses worthy of a fine large round table where might was prowess and where a pure heart always won the fight of a worthy cause.

But there’s more.  Already on its deathbed, the corner bar was blasted with twin court orders pasted to the Allen Street entrance.  This recent turn of events at 77 Delancey comes a month after White Slab began hosting gallery events inside the adjoining Fisk space. Inside, chairs are on the tables, no sign of life.

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White Slab was the followup to Good World, and suffered the exact same fate.  It opened here at the historic Bank of the United States building in September 2008.

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Meanwhile, looking back on all our coverage of White Slab Palace, we heartily enjoyed the spectacle of the errant blowup doll..

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