Op-Ed: Cemusa Bus Shelters Causing Personal Injuries

Posted on: December 28th, 2011 at 7:29 am by

There are some 3,300 of those soulless Cemusa bus shelters scattered across the Five Boroughs. Not only is this newfangled street furniture sterile, we are now hearing of a danger component as well. Indeed, there are reportedly over sixty personal injury cases relating to the street boxes. One Boogie reader wrote the following op-ed on the situation.

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The drawings that are submitted to the City do not reflect the actual bus shelters on the city’s streets. In most instances less material (thinner, weaker and cheaper) were used and the modifications were not approved by STV (This is the engineering firm in NYC that signed and sealed Cemusa drawings) nor were they studied or calculated by professional engineers. These structures were erected on the streets without STVs approval and against repeated warnings. These issues were raised and the resulting safety concerns in numerous meetings and in countless e-mails higher management. Cemusa was informed about the possibility of injury to the public.

The side glass panels and connections of those panels into the vertical columns, roof glass panels, and their connections to the aluminum roof extrusion components were all altered without the approval by STV. Stainless steel roof arms, roof design in general as well as brackets, fasteners, bolts and other connection components were either altered or eliminated without approval by STV. Low-grade (non-industrial grade) silicone was used to support glass components including the side glass panels. This silicone degrades during extreme hot days and extreme cold days. Cemusa at one point decided to stop using critical brackets that connect heavy components to each other. Lead carrying components were attached to columns with less than two full threads.

Management knew about the potential personal injury due to bottom metal portion of the bus shelters collapsing, resulting in falling glass panels. CEO of Cemusa knew that the heavy glass panels could dislodge from the bus shelters and shatter onto pedestrians. Managers (in NY and in Spain) were fully aware of the fact that any access load, even minimal, could cause the connections to disengage and collapse the glass panels.

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