New Centre-Fuge Murals Coming to East First Street Trailer

Posted on: February 27th, 2012 at 6:18 am by

The Centre-fuge art program, an idea so simple in nature, has become something of a neighborhood phenomenon since its inception last month.  Pebbles Russell and Jonathan Neville had a vision to transform an otherwise dull mid-block trailer on East First Street into a public art project that honors the memory of Lower East Sider Mike Hamm. Overall response to the colorful makeover has proved positive thus far. Now we are getting word that Cycle 2 is not too far away.

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On March 12, a new roster of artists will put their mark on the semi-permanent trailer, which serves as a temporary office for Second Avenue Subway workers. Press materials released late last week reveal that Claw Money, Eiknarf, John P. Dessereau, Julius Klein, Kenny Rodriguez and Yuri Velez, are all slated to paint. There will also be a collaborative piece by Mastro and Ben Angotti.

The goal of Centre-fuge is not only to re-beautify this incredible block, but also to encourage the community to express itself in a public forum. With the closure of half of Houston Street, making underground way for the 2nd Avenue Subway line, the ever-growing presence of construction makes the block feel less like a neighborhood full of individuals and more like a work site full of barricades and jackhammers. The project is dedicated in memory of friend, creator and Lower East Side neighbor, Mike Hamm.

Cycle 2 will run through mid-May, at which point the new guard of replacements arrives. Speaking of which, if you’d like to be involved in Cycle 3, send proposals to Centre-fuge by April 13.

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Pebbles and Jon; Photo Credit: Clayton Patterson

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