Inga Takes Over Operations at Chrystie 141

Posted on: May 15th, 2012 at 6:09 am by

There’s more nightlife turnover to report at 141 Chrystie Street, where nothing seems to be working.

Less than a year ago, the three-story former law office/warehouse at the corner of Delancey and Chrystie was completely converted to a bridge-and-tunnel club called Club Mystique. Aside from opening night, however, the establishment had trouble finding its groove, effectively losing its, ahem, mystique. A few months later, Chrystie 141 followed…and failed. In comes Mr. Travis Bass…

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Now a club concept called Inga is up and running here. Thrillist reports that the establishment is named for the weekly fetes once thrown in the back room of defunct Swedish bar White Slab Palace. Born from Travis Bass and the Madame Wong’s team pop-up crew, the new nightspot will feature three levels of partying, including DJs and Karaoke. DJ-fueled barbeques on the rooftop will follow next month. Unlike previous Chinatown ventures, this is NOT a pop-up.

Guest of a Guest has more on what to expect here, in the words of Travis Bass:

The Inga crowd is basically this: an ideal crowd is a mix of all types of people. This is why we live in New York. Because it’s a melting pot of all types of people coming together. There’s going to be a couple of actors, a couple of bankers, a couple of fashion people, some art people, young people, old people, straight people, gay people, and you put them in a room, and they start dancing together, that’s what we love about New York. That’s why we live here.

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