Conspiracy Theorist Distributes Leaflets on Lower East Side

Posted on: June 1st, 2012 at 6:28 am by

One paranoid East Village resident harbors some sincere conspiracy theories regarding an alleged “CIA Frame.” Said resident, an Alexander De Filippi of East Fourth Street, typed his missive and littered umpteen leaflets near the corner of East Houston and Bowery the other day.

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We crouched to retrieve one from the disgusting concrete, and read the following:

I am forced to use this method, to reach as many persons as is possible with just one action. I am the target of a very powerful agency, which is AGGRESSIVELY HARASSING ME. It decides what mail I get, (ex. no statement from Verizon since October). It keeps blocking or interfering with the majority of my calls. It keeps altering my electricity charges, Con Edison 41-7023-2661-0801-7, I am refused to check my own meter, at my own residence. The pipelines at my apt have been modified in such way that the agency can turn off/on the hot water and heat in seconds.

It has hacked my TWC [Time Warner Cable], 8150 1000 4010 8655, cable box (the agency blocks the reception of air broadcast by my TV sets, a battery operated TV that could, has vanished), it has blocked my TWC internet until recently, very potent viruses are surely coming now IP In spite I have a J.D. and a M.B.A. (my parents were teachers) the power of this agency has me in FS, 011390127G, and even that now has been eliminated. My disability check has been reduced in spite of my request. This entity has members inside of every single institution, they will discredit/stall my case from the start. I have gone to the US Congress 11 times, last 6/15/11. Alexander De Filippi, 336 East 4th Street, 2A, Manhattan.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Filippi has appealed to the masses for help. Someone living in Vancouver a few years ago experienced the same thing on the street, and posted to this message board. This rant utilized slightly different verbiage, but with the same overall message.  They’re out to get him.

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Paranoia or promotion?

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