CB3 Releases August SLA Agenda

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August is typically a slow month in local politics. Guess the SLA committee of Community Board 3 didn’t get the memo. The docket for next month’s Lower East Side liquor hopefuls includes a whopping 45 applicants.

Here are some highlights:

And the unabridged list:

Renewal with Complaint History
1. Affaire (Chow Main Corp), 240 E 4th St (aka 50 Ave B) (full liquor)
2. The Delancey (ADR Restaurant Inc), 168 Delancey St (full liquor)
3. UCB East (Upright Citizens Brigade East Village LLC), 155 E 3rd St (wine and beer)

Sidewalk Café Application
4. Mary Anns’s (Vargomez Corp), 300 E 5th St
5. Bareburger (Bare City Two LLC), 85 2nd Ave
Applications within Resolution Areas
6. To be Determined, 172 Ave B (full liquor)
7. Tromba (Viapre Inc), 121 Ludlow St (wine and beer)
8. Urge (Prince 28 LLC), 14 Ave B (full liquor)
9. Mission Chinese (MCFNY LLC), 154 Orchard St (full liquor)
10. Croissanteria (Croissanteria Inc), 68 Ave A (wine and beer)
11. Caffe Buon Gusto (Ave B Buon Gusto Corp), 76 Ave B (wine and beer)
12. Croxley Ave B (Croxley Ave B Inc), 28 Ave B (full liquor/expanding space)
13. Seiei LLC, 130 St Marks Pl (wine and beer)

14. NY Tofu House (6 St Marks Restaurant LLC), 6 St Marks Pl (wine and beer/convert storage to dining room)
15. Goat Town (511 E 5th St LLC), 511 E 5th St (full liquor/extend front window hours)
16. 133 Essex Restaurant LLC, 133 Essex St (full liquor/add bar)
17. Lakeside Lounge (La Ritt Inc), 162-164 Ave B (full liquor/add bar)
18. The Bowery Diner (241 Bowery Corp), 241 Bowery (full liquor/extend hours)
19. Grey Lady (Barnorth Group LLC), 77-79 Delancey St (full liquor/extend hours/expand next door)
20. Mangiami Restaurant (Mangiami Inc), 9 Stanton St (full liquor/extend hours)

New Liquor License Applications
21. Hi Collar (Sobaya Restaurant Inc), 214 E 10th St (wine and beer)
22. Café Himalaya (Norsang Café Inc), 78 E 1st St (wine and beer)
23. Two Bits Retro Arcade (Doustan Development Corp), 153 Essex St (wine and beer)
24. Shanasheel Corp, 124 E 4th St (wine and beer)
25. Seven Delancey Oyster Bar, 1 Delancey St (full liquor)
26. Ramen and Gyoza House Zen 6 (Zen 6 LLC), 328 E 6th St (wine and beer)
27. Essex Café Group LLC, 21 Essex St (full liquor)
28. St Jerome’s, 155 Rivington St (full liquor)
29. To be Determined, 224 E 10th St (wine and beer)
30. Mario San Inc, 36 Ludlow St (wine and beer)
31. To be Determined, 139 E 12th St (wine and beer)
32. Calexico, 153 Rivington St (full liquor)
33. To be Determined, 115 Allen St (full liquor)
34. Alder Restaurant LLC, 157 2nd Ave (full liquor)
35. Leftfield (CDT Ludlow Inc), 87 Ludlow St (full liquor)
36. Feast (Two Guize LLC), 102 3rd Ave (full liquor)
37. Souvlaki Gr LES (Uber Caffe LLC), 116 Stanton St (full liquor)
38. The Sterling Room, 189 E 3rd St (full liquor)
39. To be Determined, 179 E 3rd St (wine and beer)
40. To be Determined, 79 St Marks Pl (full liquor)
41. The Boil, 139 Chrystie St (full liquor)
42. Nevada Smiths (92 Nuns Walk Inc), 100 3rd Ave (full liquor)
43. Sobe Sky Properties Inc, 201 Allen St (beer)

Corporate Change (not heard at committee)
44. Flea Market (Alouette Corp), 131 Ave A (full liquor)
45. Spice Cove (CNR Enterprises NY Inc), 326 E 6th St (wine and beer)

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