CBGB Has a Bone to Pick with Dial 7 Car Service

Posted on: July 11th, 2012 at 6:09 am by
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CBGB still has some punk rock spirit to its name. Stabbings aside.

Followers of the official Twitter handle probably noticed an influx of barbed broadcasts from the brand these last few days, all of which leveled at the local Dial 7 car service. No less than six tweets called out the company, asking fans to retweet “suck my dick” to win free swag.


It’s a crusade that began after the inaugural CBGB Festival concluded this past weekend, and involved one of the “major bands” on the ticket. The group, which prefers to remain anonymous, almost missed their outbound flight due to some alleged shady tactics by Dial 7.

We received the following note from CBGB HQ regarding the matter:

One of our biggest headline acts was virtually held hostage at JFK because the Dial 7 Car Service driver couldn’t find a record of our pre-payment. The band had just gotten off of the stage and none of them had a credit card. The band was meeting up with their management inside of the terminal and none of the band members had a credit card on them. The driver created a scenario that prohibited the band from getting out of the Dial 7 vehicle.

It spun out of control from that point and the band risked missing their flight. I will spare you many of the details of the 30-minute event but Dial 7 refused to take payment over the phone. They wanted the band to pay on the spot or threatened to return them to Manhattan.

When it was over, one of the band members personally asked us to deliver the message “suck my dick” to Dial 7 Car Service.

Dial 7 e-mailed us yesterday and asked us to stop tweeting. We told them that we never tweet bad about our friends and if they sent a simple apology gift to the band’s management office, that we could all be friends again. They responded by putting us on hold for 20 minutes and then said that they would open up an internal investigation.

So….with the deepest respect to one of the greatest bands to play the CBGB Festival, Dial 7 Car Service can continue to “suck my dick.” We think that the CBGB Festival Posters will be a collector’s item. Anyone who re-tweets our message will get a free poster. After re-tweeting, they need to e-mail info@cbgb.com and include Dial 7 in the subject line. They need to include their shipping address.

That’s balls.

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