Crosstown Bus Debacle During Holiday Rush

Posted on: December 21st, 2012 at 10:41 am by
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A funny thing happened on the crosstown bus as it approached Lexington Avenue. The M50 ended up half on the sidewalk stuck between a street sign pole and and a protruding truck. The intrepid bus driver exited the bus to inform the truck driver who was offloading movie gear into a building on 49th street that she would call 911 if he didn’t “back that shit up!” Alas, he didn’t back that shit up because there was no truck driver to be found; just his cronies who apparently retorted “screw you, we’re in a union.”

Now, I’m not sure what the hell that has to do with the truck blocking 3/4 of 49th street, but the cops showed up and because of this our savvy bus driver asked everyone to exit. She skillfully backed her shit up while the line of cars behind extended back to 5th ave. honked incessantly. Bus occupants stood smack in the middle of 49th applauding while the truck driver finally arrived to a summons from the cop, a sea of middle fingers and a chorus of horns. Boss lady bus driver, finally free of her snug harbor having had the help of handy pedestrians, opened up the doors and back on the M50 we went.

She said “if I had hit something and you were on the bus, you all could sue me and I’d have to take my drug test over and that was not an option.” Hmm. Safely to the M15, I posted this pic on IG. Never a dull moment in the big of dreams and giant buses. Safe travels, peeps.



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