More Details Emerge About Jumper at the Delancey F Station [PHOTOS]

Posted on: January 19th, 2013 at 9:26 am by
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Early Thursday morning, at the height of the morning rush, a Brooklyn-bound F train struck a woman at the Delancey Street subway station. Eyewitnesses believe it was a suicide attempt, as they reportedly saw her jump onto the tracks and just stand there as the train arrived in the station. The victim was found beneath the second subway car, and was carted away in serious condition. She somehow survived the ordeal.  Boogie reader Nelson1200 just sent us a few photos from the scene of the incident alongside an account of what happened. It’s quite heartening to read about the straphangers who jumped at assisting…

Some people on the platform helped carry the lady found underneath the subway car.  I took this picture from between the 2nd and 3rd subway cars.

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The guy in with the backpack jumped down to the tracks, between the 2nd and 3rd subway cars, to find the lady underneath the 2nd car. At first he peeped underneath the car and yelled “She under here! She’s still moving and trying to get out!” He then proceeded to grab his cellphone and take a snapshot. Afterwards, he called out to the lady and said “Come towards me!” He then went further underneath to grab her and help lift her up onto the platform while yelling “Someone help me bring her up!”

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This Asian lady seated and leaning against the column was the one who jumped in front of the F train and then was pulled out from underneath the 2nd subway car. She was drenched in water because she probably landed in the ditch between the rails. She appeared to have blood dripping from her head. Moments after they pulled her out police had cleared the area and moved everyone away from the lady to give her space. Everyone, including myself was told to leave the train and find an alternate route to our destinations…

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