Notes from CB3: Hiccups for Ivan Ramen, Living Room Layover

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Last night’s Community Board 3 SLA subcommittee meeting was less a marathon than usual, as only eighteen applicants presented themselves. Clinton Street was certainly well represented, with applications from Temple of Ankh, Ivan Ramen, and Pig & Khao. Herewith, chicken scratch from the Boogie notepad.

Location Update for Future SLA Subcommittee Meetings

For the first time since 1998, Community Board 3 is being forced from the JASA/Green Residence at 200 East Fifth Street. Building residents and management have complained about the ongoing noise and clogging of hallways during these meetings. Now more than ever, the monthly gatherings are attracting a growing collection of press, applicants, and committee members. Beginning in March, the new location will be the Hernandez Houses at 189 Allen Street; it’s a test run of sorts.

Ivan Ramen’s First NYC Location (25 Clinton Street)

One of the most hotly-anticipated establishments might not happen due to a technicality. Ivan Orkin has yet to finalize purchase of assets from the current business owners at 25 Clinton Street, which resides in close proximity to Chasam Sofer Synagogue. While he didn’t obtain an exact measurement, distance from the active house of worship is dangerously close to the 200-foot mandated threshold. His responses seemed to suggest that if not in compliance, he probably would not pursue the location. Nevertheless, CB3 approved for beer and wine and will concurrently urge the State Liquor Authority to investigate whether a liquor upgrade could conceivably happen in the future. Wowza.

Pianos Principals Taking Over Living Room (154 Ludlow Street)

As we reported just before the new year, the Living Room is divesting from Ludlow Street and will move to parts unknown sometime in the spring. Ownership is now selling the assets to the principals behind Pianos. However, the applicant was not heard because notice of intent was not properly documented for the committee; the requirement is to prove date posted to the storefront exterior with the day’s newspaper. Despite frantic attempts with iPhones and emails, the photo eventually presented to the board proved inconclusive, so the crew was laid over until next month.

Temple of Ankh Strikeout (58 Clinton Street)

These jokers sought a renewal and received immediate static from the board, thanks to a slew of complaints from both residents and business owners on the block. Loud music and unruly crowds were the biggest offenses. Also, Yelp reviewers claimed that the Ankh served “strong” rum and cokes, even though they don’t possess on-premise privileges. The response – fake liquors are used in mix drinks. Yup, false advertising. CB3 denied their license renewal.

San Marzano (71 Clinton Street)

The four-year-old pizzeria appeared to upgrade their restaurant wine license to the full liquor. CB3 commended the owner for running a “serious business” with reportedly no complaints, and that it should be rewarded. They were approved. Remember, though, that this establishment was previously listed for sale ($465,000 Key), so an on-premise license would certainly increase its market value…

Pig & Khao (68 Clinton Street)

After a paltry three months in business with wine and beer license, the Pig & Khao peeps returned to upgrade for full liquor. Brass wants to change the cocktail menu to better complement the food options. There are no plans to open for lunch, but brunch is in the works. Support was predominantly positive for the newcomer, with some board members praising them for being an “anchor” type restaurant on the block. Committee chair was vehemently against because three months is no time to gauge operations. They were ultimately approved.

There were other applicants on the docket last night, but we hadda bounce…

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