Documentary on Streit’s Matzo Factory in the Works [VIDEO]

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The water we use is New York City water, which is the best water in the world. If you want Jersey water, fine, buy matzos from Jersey. That’s on you; we have quality. -Anthony Zapata, Streit’s Matzo

That’s gotta be the best line ever, spoken with thick New Yawk accent. The comment is featured in a new documentary film that tackles the history of the illustrious neighborhood treasure Streit’s Matzo. Directed by Michael Levine, World’s Finest Streit’s Matzos talks about the dynamics of the factory through the decades and touches upon its place in the new Lower East Side. “A film about matzo and the American dream,” as the byline states.

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[Jesse Eisenberg Filming “Now You See Me,” March 2012]Fifth generation. Four contiguous Rivington Street buildings (148-154). Same antiquated equipment. Same quality. Supplying 40% of the nation’s matzo. Levine released the trailer last month, and is currently gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign to help complete the project, set for April 17.

The elephant is still in the room, though. Many fear whether Streit’s might actually divest from the neighborhood, despite frequent denials. And with good reason – the property had been on and off the market the last number of years. But this movie preview appears to put the baby to bed, ending with this hopeful nugget from current Streit’s owner Aron Yagoda:

How come we don’t leave? We’re not gonna get anything like this no matter where we go. So we give up some efficiency and probably some economies of scale, but we keep everybody employed…and, you know…we could probably operate with half the amount of people, but it’s hard to look at those people in the face and say, “I’m sorry, you know, we can replace you with a machine.” It’s just nice the way it works out.

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