Palma Violets Release Second Video for “Best of Friends” [VIDEO]

Posted on: May 24th, 2013 at 11:32 am by
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[Photo: BBC]If you aren’t sold on the Palma Violets yet, their new video for “Best of Friends” ought to change your mind.  It chases two story lines; one is an introduction to the band and their various forms of spy vs. spy mischief and cavorting down city streets, while the other is the band playing their single from their debut album 180 to a nonplussed/bored room full of critics. The stories converge and come to a head by way of an onstage brawl, which is not unlike the peak of their live performance. So, pretty rad.

Also it’s impossible not to notice their hair in this video. Chilli Jesson rocks the bass and does hair flips that would make Johnny Greenwood proud. Sam Fryer checks his look in a car window reflection. There are also a bunch of slow-mo shots of their casual hair shake-shake out of the face – it’s almost too much. They have great hair, and we’ll leave it at that.

Well worth your three and a half minutes. Check it.

There was a previous official video for “Best of Friends” – it’s less polished, but full of strobes and captures more of what their live gig feels like.

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