Progress Report: Inside Ivan Ramen on Clinton Street

Posted on: July 25th, 2013 at 6:15 am by
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Let’s talk about Ivan Ramen.

The only remnants from its predecessor at 25 Clinton Street are the pinstripe awnings above each storefront. Behind the scenes, the build-out is gradually progressing. Here we have an unfettered look at the interior.

There was some initial drama at the outset about whether proprietor Ivan Orkin could even open here. Obtaining a liquor license was a make-or-break situation for noodles here on Clinton, a scenario stymied by the short distance to the Chasam Sofer Synagogue across the street; its location is dangerously close to the 200-foot legal threshold. At his first SLA subcommittee meeting in January, he admitted to not obtaining exact measurements, so the board urged him to go back and check. Apparently the distance was kosher, as he confirmed the location via Twitter later that month. He was slated to return in March, but withdrew from the agenda.

At the moment, a temporary restaurant/wine permit is currently on file with the SLA; the proper license is still pending.

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While the build-out slowly makes its way to the finish line, the noodle master is also spending the summer cooking his craft at the Vans-sponsored “House Parties” in Greenpoint.

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