David McWater Resigning from Community Board 3

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A week after losing his cool at the SLA subcommittee meeting, Community Board 3 member David McWater is set to tender his resignation. He will announce the decision later tonight at the full board meeting, according to an out of cycle report in The Villager.

It all started after McWater arrived late to the liquor license hearing last week, and LES Dweller Sara Romanoski accused him of arriving just in time to vote for the 120 Orchard Street issue. (He owned Nice Guy Eddie’s and sold the joint to Gallery Bar dude Darin Rubell) The comment was enough to boil the blood, and he charged Romanoski, a move which almost ended badly.

McWater, 47, chaired CB3 for four consecutive year-long terms from June 2004 to June 2008. He had since been chairperson of the Land Use, Zoning, Public and Private Housing Committee, and also a member of the SLA committee. The latter membership showed a conflict of interest since he owns two bars within the confines of the jurisdiction – Doc Holliday’s and The Library.

“I’ve done more than any community board member in the history of New York City,” McWater told The Villager. “Nobody in the last 20 years did anything like the Lower East Side rezoning and SPURA. The community owes me a debt — nobody’s ever done what we’ve done. Nobody — nobody ever did anything like SPURA and the rezoning.

“The proudest moments in my life were the Lower East Side rezoning and SPURA,” he said. “With the Lower East Side rezoning we stopped N.Y.U. in their tracks at Third Ave.; except for a few areas, you can’t go over eight stories. We stopped the dorms, we stopped the hotels. It’s the greatest bulwark against gentrification the Lower East Side could ever have — and I believe, in my heart, we saved the homes of hundreds and possibly thousands of people, protecting them from being harassed out of their homes by landlords and developers to build buildings.”

“When I started SPURA, people said, ‘You’ll never be able to do it,’ ” he continued. “All the votes on the Lower East Side zoning and SPURA — despite people wanting to make me a lightning rod — every committee vote, every full board vote, every City Planning vote, every Borough Board vote, City Council — unanimous.

Check out The Villager for more on the story.

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