Artists Sought for ‘Asphalt Art’ in Division Street Median

Posted on: October 2nd, 2013 at 6:01 am by

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Photo: ArtHere

The long-closed lane of Division Street at the intersection of Ludlow/Canal is the focus of a new art project spearheaded by the Lower East Side BID and ArtHere. There is currently an open call for artists and graphic designers to submit “Asphalt Art” proposals that will temporarily transform the derelict traffic triangle into public art. The winning applicant will be part of a grant application submitted to the DOT Urban Art program for proper funding.

Here are some additional starter details for those interested:

  • The site dimensions of the full space are 125 x 90 x 52 (2006 sq ft) with the smaller inserted triangle having dimensions of 40 x 36 x 20 (288 sq ft), giving the “canvas” a total of 1,718 sq ft.
  • According to the site description, proposals should be design or pattern-based, as opposed to character-based. “Any sort of design that either consistently and methodically repeats itself, or one that invites the visitor in to explore via optical illusion will work best.”
  • Total amount awarded to the winner is $3,000 – two-thirds of which is earmarked for the production phase, and the remainder for cost of materials. DOT covers the paint and signage for the project.

Application deadline is November 1, so head over to the ArtHere website if you hope to participate. You can expect to see the asphalt stenciling come next spring.

This Asphalt Art initiative is the second pairing with ArtHere so far this year, behind the Delancey “History Tribute Fence.”

This image has been archived or removed.

Photo: Lower East Side BID

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