Haunted History: Another Account of the Spirits of 139 Ludlow St, Future Ludlow House

Posted on: October 31st, 2013 at 10:19 am by
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Turns out we aren’t the only ones who experienced the haunting of 139-141 Ludlow Street, the former Nieberg and Sons Funeral Home. After exposing the possible supernatural presence at the future Soho House, a bunch of readers wrote in to share similar testimony about the morgue spirits here.

Here’s another account:

I have had a lot of “ghostly” experiences in my life and so this seemingly ghostly experience didn’t faze me much. But it’s still interesting!

I went to one of the community meetings about the potential “Ludlow House” primarily because I am very concerned about NYC historical preservation and I know the history of that building. I went so I could get inside and take a look around, and so that i could ask questions about what they would do to preserve the building and not take away its character.

I took a long look around. Nothing happened to me AT the building. Of course, as ridiculous as this sounds, I did feel energy there, as you might at a very old building where a lot has happened….

Later that night I was in my apartment and out of nowhere the name “Rose Hawthorne” came out of my mouth. I literally said it out loud. It was very strange to me, and I was trying to think back to WHY I may have that particular name in my head. How weird! I decided to google her.

Welp, turns out that Rose Hawthorne was born May 20, 1851. There is actually quite a lot about her, but to quote wikipedia, “She was known for her service near and within New York City, caring for impoverished cancer by founding St. Rose’s Free Home for Incurable Cancer in the Lower East Side.” Well, I thought to myself, isn’t THAT interesting! I swear to god I had never heard her name before, so the fact that this randomly came to me sort of freaked me out.

I tried to put two and two together, and then I realized that I had been to 139-141 Ludlow earlier that day. Perhaps she [or the Home] sadly brought some of the children who died in her cancer center to that morgue? Could it be? Who knows! To this day I still can’t figure out why her name literally came out of my mouth randomly that night. But I will tell you I think it had something to do with me being in that building.

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