Album Review: The Head And The Heart ‘Let’s Be Still’

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 at 10:21 am by
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It’s hard to find true gems among the up-and-comers and the already established bands that comprise the indie-folk scene. It’s often an all-encompassing genre, one that tends to house anything that falls on the acoustical spectrum. And sometimes it almost feels a bit gauche to label a band’s style as soley “folk,” unless you are referencing James Taylor or a Guthrie. That being said, The Head and The Heart’s second album, Let’s Be Still, is indeed a facet of folk rock… but it’s much more than that.

Let’s Be Still encapsulates the beauty of folk with a modernized flair. Though it incorporates typical instruments of the genre (piano, harmonica, banjo, strings), it doesn’t adhere to the standard folk formula. It’s full of pretty and boozy melodies; it’s introspective in it’s lyrical musings; it has punchy piano and loads of fun and powerful moments. It’s a paragon of what the genre should be.

Each song has an unexpected build, with quiet moments giving way to what can best be likened to a praise chorus. The drums are not tempered or measured; they are rather the action that backs up the words. Both the standalone vocals and the tracks with the male/female layering give the songs a unique dimension that captivates ears, mind and heart. With their sophomore release, they have quite literally achieved the affectations of their namesake.

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Credit: Curtis Wayne Millard

Drummer Tyler William, says of the new album:

When I think about the two records together, the first one feels like we all wanted to fulfill this dream we’d had about playing music, meeting people and traveling around. This one feels like the consequences of doing that — what relationships did you ruin? What other things did you miss? You always think it will all be perfect once you just do ‘this.’ And that’s not always the case.

The band was in town this week playing Terminal 5 and Webster Hall. We didn’t have a chance to attend, alas. Let’s Be Still is out now via Sub Pop. Give it a go.



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