Peter Poulakakos Opening ‘Bacchanal’ at 146 Bowery Next Week

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Its disheveled appearance to the contrary, Bacchanal is actually slated to open next week at 146 Bowery. Peter Poulakakos and his partner Dave Oz will probably lift the plywood veil on its “casual fine dining restaurant” on May 20 (tentatively), according to the Village Voice. (Isn’t “casual fine dining” an oxymoron?)

The team enlisted Scott Bryan as executive chef and Naren Young from Saxon & Parole to construct the cocktail menu. There is also a “robust” wine list that includes more than 450 bottles “with a focus on Old World wines and New World producers working with Old World styles.”

However, nowhere in the article is the community backlash nor drama with the Stata Liquor Authority mentioned. Naturally; it’s a hype piece. Obtaining a liquor license was a rather tumultuous affair for Poulakakos.

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The SLA originally refused to issue a full liquor license to Poulakakos last August. Money talks, though, and the state acquiesced to a “reconsideration” just seven months later. Bacchanal won out, thanks in small part to promises that it’d be a haven for local artists to showcase their work. That’s not mentioned in the Voice article, either.

This sound-byte from Oz about location choice is not really true, especially since that address – the Sohotel – now carries five OP premises:

The space fit our criteria and size, and we love the Lower East Side and Chinatown area. There are a lot of bars and restaurants in the Lower East Side, but not a lot on Bowery and Broome. A lot of people live here, and going four or five blocks to a restaurant is kind of far. So we saw the potential for growth, and we really love the area and the feel.

Bacchanal opens May 20.

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