Bidding Farewell to the Olympic Restaurant on Delancey [PHOTOS]

Posted on: June 23rd, 2014 at 6:05 am by

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Co-owner Spiros Nakos and his trusty staff at Olympic Restaurant

Usually we sit by the window, gazing at the mass of humanity flowing past the Essex crossing. It’s oftentimes a weekend morning nursing a hangover with a plate of eggs and home fries. But this past Saturday, we darkened the doors of the Olympic Restaurant for possibly the last time. Knowing the end is near, we had to have a meal, just in case…

Especially after the arrival of numerous handwritten posters in both the windows and interior walls which thank the customers for thirty-five years of patronage.

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We sat at the counter, mourning the imminent closure with a few other diners, sucking down French toast and orange juice with a friend. The elephant in the room, of course, was Essex Crossing with its wrecking balls at the ready, and the vibe was somber. EV Grieve had noted last week that owners Spiros Nakos and Steve Palakas were fighting in court for an extension, but nothing was yet resolved as of this writing. Our waitress intimated that if Olympic is successful, they’ll likely remain in business through the end of September.

Either way, though, you shouldn’t tarry. Time is running thin, with demolition paperwork already on file with the city awaiting approval.

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Olympic Restaurant has pretty much been on a month-to-month lease for the last couple years. Basically, ever since the Essex Crossing mega development came to fruition. There won’t be any room for them in the new Essex Street Market building slated for this SPURA site.

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And the same goes for “old as the hills” neighbor Jade Fountain liquor store. They’re currently holding a fire sale on inventory, but don’t have a firm closing date just yet. Holding out til the end.

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