RevJen’s Troll Museum is in Trouble; Here’s How You Can Help

Posted on: July 24th, 2014 at 10:22 am by

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At the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant, January 2014

Lower East Side fixture RevJen – minister of the local avante garde – is struggling to preserve her unique attraction. The beloved Troll Museum inside 122 Orchard Street is threatened vis-a-vis her living situation.

Since being fired from the Tenement Museum bookstore last year, RevJen has reportedly struggled to make ends meet. “Encroaching gentrification and a rent raise have now left the Museum on the brink of eviction, given she already owes 3 months back rent,” she says.

So, RevJen is now crowdfunding cash to help keep her beloved Troll Museum alive. A page was set up via Go Fund Me with a goal of $5,000. Over $1,300 has been raised so far.

Below is an excerpt of her plea:

Sadly, Rev. lost her job a year ago and is too sane to get disability but too insane to get a steady job despite applying to a minimum of 6 jobs a day and despite the fact that she is awesome. A series of setbacks that occurred in early spring, including a male who was cohabitating with the elf walking out and leaving her strapped for rent, a bout with pneumonia and various other horrendous crap have sent the Troll Museum on a road to ruin. Encroaching gentrification and a rent raise have now left the Museum on the brink of eviction, given she already owes 3 months back rent. (Because the Troll Museum is rent stabilized, it is easier to evict Rev. than make necessary repairs, which they would have to do anyway if they got her out and moved in a wealthy bro who would pay double.)

This is becoming an all too common practice on the Lower East Side where the sense of imaginative avant-garde lunacy is disappearing thanks to greed. The creative mind and talent of Rev. Jen should not be wasted sitting around landlord tenant court! We are therefore asking you to help Rev. get back on her feet so she can keep NYC weird. The amount of joy the Troll Museum has spread cannot be underestimated. Give a little and know that you have supported, not just the Troll Museum but New York City in general. (Think about it: If NYC were full of normal people, would anyone want to visit?)

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