A Tribute to Graffiti Artist Jason Wulf (aka DG NWC)

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I am writing today about someone who was known to many people in the graffiti world as a GRAFF LEGEND and rightfully so. I am talking about Jason Wulf AKA DG NWC. A Queens native who started writing in the early 80s bombing trains who later continued to also do so in the 90s during the clean train era and continued to bomb streets and everything else in his path thereafter. As a youngster, Jason was such an influence in my life as one who could do amazing pieces and street bombing. I first met Jason in 2005. My childhood graffiti hero in the flesh. I was star struck to say the least as we both painted together that day where he made myself and pretty much everyone around him look bad with his speed not mention his piece he did being done with such grace and artistic quality. Jason was a such an amazing talent He did not only do “Graffiti” as the media made him out to seem, he was an extremely talented carpenter and air brush artist. He did many murals for store fronts, advertising sandwich boards, children’s rooms, air brushed shirts… but the greatest thing about Jason was not his artistic talent- it was his heart. Jason was the most kind-hearted person you could have ever met and his laughter would shake the walls off any room. I have been so blessed to be part of his life which so many wanted a piece of and cherish the moments we had in some of the simple things like conversations on the phone about the Yankees and fishing; stuff like that I have been so fortunate to have shared instead of just a photo or a hand shake that many onlookers experienced as he was painting somewhere. I was with him a week before he passed away to receive a canvas he did for me. Unfortunately, that would be the last day I would get to hug him and shake his hand. Jason’s legacy will live on in books, photos and murals forever as being one of the true and last Mohicans of what real graffiti was about. Rest Easy CRAZY MAN. Thanks for being part of my life. I know you will be smiling down on us as we continue the journey on. You paved the way for myself and anyone who ever picked up a spray can. God Bless.

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DG… A brother, a son, a loving man to Elo, a close friend to many… but not fully understood to those he kept at a distance.
There are no exact words to explain what he meant to me. When I was down, he made me laugh. When I needed advice, I turned to him to be my mentor. Not only in graff, but as a man that was seeking his direction in life as I was trying to figure out my way back into civilization. He “never” spoke bad about anyone in my presence. Even about anyone he may have considered his enemies or what I would call “his fans” (pun intended).

DG adored kids. He was crazy about my daughter. He would stare at her and tell me how beautiful she is and would pick her up all the time. He was one of the few that she would reach out to to pick her up from her walker. That alone told me that DG was a true person. As kids usually can sense positive and negative vibes from anyone.

My last words to DG was to get into the business aspect of graffiti. He agreed that day, to try something out. Something that would be able to help him provide for a living. However, that same night I got that call telling me that he has left us.

I know he’s watching over us. I will forever keep his name alive throughout my life here on this mysterious place we call earth. DG was beyond legend to me. He was a close friend, an honest and loyal one to those who embraced him for who he was and not simply for what he wrote and drew.

I will miss you, my brother… I will forever mourn your death and will continue to do what you always asked me to do… “Keep all those you care for away from any beef.” May God have mercy on your soul and keep you near His throne. I wish you knew then what you know now, my friend. You were loved unconditionally.

Forever your friend… HD NWC

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PrezOne NWC:
So there is a lot to say about Jason… DG NWC, and most people who knew him beyond graffiti were part of a small realm of individuals who got to share on of the brightest souls I’ve yet to come across, and actually have a chance to call a friend. We all know how hard those are to actually come across, especially in the concrete jungle and the crafts natures that follow the graffiti community. We met back in 1996 and painted almost immediately, just like our first paint session was launched quick, so was a great friendship. This dude had this fire, and at the same time a genuine straight up attitude that everything’s always good…he was full of life, loved graffiti beyond imagination, and was a king of the streets but at the same time painted with a no body in the game such as myself. His humor, and name calling in funny ways always were guaranteed to be followed by a crazy mega-horn laugh, almost like a character off a cartoon screen, (it was priceless). His genuine ethics as a person behind the scene was what created such a ripple across the globe, as much as he was known as a legend, a king, a Cancer, he was always known to be down with whoever was peace in regard and always showed love. He would always amp me up, tell me my work always out did the last. He would just be full of compliments when it came to things in personal life, and much more when it came to graff. He will truly be missed and when I reflect and think 18 plus years is a long time to have been friends, it’s also sad to think 18 yrs was too quick, hence the Einstein quote time is an illusion…

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PrezOne’s tribute to DG

And now because pictures resound as deeply as words, the following gallery contains personal photos from NWC and the Wulf family. They were kind enough to offer these to Boogie so please respect their wishes and kindly do not share these images.

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Rest in Peace, Jason.

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