Classic Album Art Comes to Life in Roy Kafri’s New Beatbox Video

Posted on: October 22nd, 2014 at 10:16 am by
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Iconic vinyl art has taken a turn for the outlandish with Israeli comedy singer Roy Kafri’s latest music video. He not only features classic album covers brought to life, but ones that are, in fact, beatboxing on the street. Bowie beatboxing. Lou Reed beatboxing. If that’s not enough to mess with your mind, it’s filmed in reverse; by the end, we learn that our mock turtleneck-wearing protagonist has acquired the future of music – a MiniDisc player – which is why he no longer needs his record collection. The whole thing screams parallel universe.

There’s no doubt that Kafri kicks it to the next level when he drops his vocal beats, but his talent takes a backseat – because, um, there are “mouths moving on decades-old record sleeves.” It goes against every grain of certainty and mental comprehension we know to be true about vinyl, and the world it lived in when these definitive albums were issued. You don’t beatbox, Lionel Richie – you seduce – something is not right here! What is this?

It’s certainly transfixing. We won’t ruin all of the clever bits, but we will say that his manipulation of Carol King’s Tapestry is particularly good

Kafri is based in Tel Aviv, and Acowpella Beatbox, his debut album, dropped back in March, 2011. You can find it here.

Go ahead and wrap your head around this.

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