There is a Seth Cohen on Every Corner, and This Seth Cohen Wants to Meet Them All [INTERVIEW]

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When it comes to lineage, Cohen is pretty much the Smith of Jewish surnames. It’s a fairly ubiquitous name. However, one ambitious dude named Seth Cohen is on an uphill quest to find his “twins.” He’s slapped a number of eye-grabbing tear-tab flyers around the neighobrhood seeking help in finding the other Seth Cohens out there.

The eponymous seeker founded the Seth Cohen Project in September of this year. The goal: meet up with as many people named Seth Cohen as possible. Definitely a monumental task; there are nearly three hundred in the United States alone.

We asked him a number of questions about this nascent pursuit…

BOWERY BOOGIE: How many Seth Cohens have you met since the project began?

SETH COHEN: The project began about a month ago with me contacting SCs via social media, but I only began meeting them about 10 days ago. I met seven in seven days to kick it off.

I will be launching a blog in the next couple days, one entry for each SC, and I plan to put them up as I go, one SC at a time. But of course, on the very first day of the very first SC meet, my computer died. The one tool most necessary for my new life as an adventurer and blogger! So I am going to launch the blog with the first seven all at once.

BB: What’s the strangest story involving a meet-up?

SC: Being that I am just more then a week in to a long-term project… nothing too too crazy has happened yet. But here are a couple notable highlights…

  • Seth Cohen #2 presents as an older, graying, conservative and successful Midtown Manhattan tax attorney. I learned very quickly not to judge a Seth Cohen by his cover. Seth Cohen #2 is a high school dropout turned electronics salesman, body builder, WWF wrestler, security guard, strip club bouncer and finally late-in-life GED recipient, college graduate and Grad School graduate. Yes, Seth Cohen fought Hulk Hogan under the pseudonym Robby Parliament! Being an aging wrestler is not a pretty picture. Quitting wresting to care for his father, which at the time was a selfless act, actually put him on a new trajectory and led him to where he is today.
  • I showed up to meet Seth Cohen #7, but found a brick wall where I believed a coffee shop would be. Just as I realized I was lost, I heard a voice from above, ‘Seth Cohen?’ Looking up at what I assumed was Seth Cohen #7, the voice continued, ‘Did you just rent my cabin in the Catskills?’ Turns out this was not Seth Cohen #7, but just some guy who was watering the plants in the windowsill of his second story apartment, and noticed me standing below wearing my trademark ‘Hello my name is’ nametag. He came down to the street and we had a laugh. No, I hadn’t rented his cabin, and neither had Seth Cohen #7. That was some other, yet undetermined, Seth Cohen. I gave him my contact info and he is putting us in touch. I guess it’s true what they say, there really is a Seth Cohen around every corner…

BB: Were you related to any of the other Seths?

SC: I am not directly/closely related to any of the other SCs. However, there is an interesting aspect of the name “Cohen.” According to tradition, all Cohen(s) (including all the various spellings) are direct descendants of Aaron, brother of Moses, the first High Priest of the Temple of Jerusalem. Recently since genetic testing has become financially feasible, many experiments have been conducted on this belief/tradition. As it turns out, a full 50% of modern day Cohen(s) can in fact trace their lineage to a single individual in biblical times. So… in very basic terms, there is a 50-50 chance I am relatively closely related to any given Seth Cohen. This is not a main thrust of my project, just a fun side note

BB: What was your initial inspiration behind starting the project?

SC: Throughout my life other Seth Cohen(s) have popped up. I had never met any of them (until now) but they are all over the place. For example, my old lawyer used to represent two of us and would call me all the time rambling on about things I had no idea about, when I would remain silent he would eventually stop and say ‘I did it again, didn’t I?’ Ha! Then of course there was The OC and Adam Brody and being asked a couple times a week ‘have you ever heard of that show The OC?’ Of course I have heard of it. I can’t except it! So recently I have been feeling the urge to do some exploring. Of myself, of the world around me… and my journey to meet all the other Seth Cohen(s) seems as good a vehicle as any. It is about living life to it’s fullest, exploring the world, connecting with new people, visiting new places, learning about myself and inspiring others to do the same.

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