Sampling the New Ramen Lab on Kenmare, Opening January 6

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Research and development by day, ramen restaurant by night, Ramen Lab is opening to fulfill your wildest noodle dreams.

Ramen Lab, the R&D wing of Sun Noodle, wants to educate and re-introduce the roots of ramen. They have created an incubator for aspiring chefs and restaurateurs to come together to learn, and a place for anyone else to enjoy authentic ramen in the evenings. On the starting menu will be Tori-Gara Shoyu Ramen, one of the the oldest forms of ramen, with a base of 100% chicken chintan (clear broth). They will also be serving miso ramen, veggie ramen, gyoza, and eventually add in some seasonal ingredients along with beer and sake.

The standard in Japan is to always have a custom made noodle for every chef’s master soup. Sun Noodle realized that this model did not exist in the United States and has been hard at work changing that. Every chef wants to customize their noodles and tweak it to their personal tastes considering shape, cut, and flavor and they can now come here to do that.

Chef Nakamura, a Japanese ramen legend, met Kenshiro Uki of Sun Noodle in LA and is now here to head up the Ramen Lab. Nakamura has even designed the soup bowls they are using which contain aluminum to retain the heat and a lip at the bottom to lift and slurp the soup easily.

They hope to be open by January 6 to the public and the hours will be Tuesday-Saturday 5-10PM. With a mere 10 stools and no standing room in the 400 square-foot space, you may want a plan B while waiting for a seat.

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Ramen Lab
70 Kenmare St.

All photos via @ladyofgrand

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