Catching up with the ‘Looking for a Girlfriend’ Flyer Guy on Delancey

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His mugshot is taped to seemingly every surface from the Battery to the Bowery and all points north. Dan Perino seriously wants a girlfriend, and the ambitious flyer push has forever seared his face on the collective memory of the city.

We caught up with the 51-year-old aspiring actor early yesterday morning during one of his distribution runs on Delancey Street. With a stack of tear-tab flyers in his clutches, Perino nonchalantly affixed the paperwork to each light post and/or telephone booth between Eldridge and Forsyth. We seized ten minutes of his time to find out how the search is going. Great, he says.

Perino tells us that, in eight months of street hustling, he’s “hooked up” with more than 150 ladies. A fraction of those were actual “dates,” though.

Despite all the play he’s getting, or probably because of it, Perino continues posting the flyers. However, he maintains that he’s still looking for the “right one,” when pressed about the reasons for continuing the campaign.

The last worry on his mind, though, is cops busting his balls. Apparently, Perino has only received one ticket in 57,000 bills distributed. If those numbers are to be believed, that’s a pretty stellar track record.

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There is currently a documentary underway about his pursuits, and even a supposed reality show in the offing.

Dan Perino is a native New Yorker, born and raised on Sullivan Street. According to an interview with Dashel Pierson, his mother was a druggie and slept around quite a bit. “She used to do acid, speed, drinking, smoking pot, and other stuff,” he quipped. “When she wasn’t too stoned, she would bring me to acting and modeling jobs as a kid.”

Later in life, Perino made most of his money from writing a book about how to get an apartment in New York without paying a broker fee. I searched the web but couldn’t find it anywhere.

He’s been commissioned to paint murals at private residences and businesses across the city. His work, which he broadcasts on his Instagram, often involves multiracial characters holding hands in a natural setting—something you might find blasted on the playground walls of an elementary school.

He was once married but he says that he never loved her. At least, he stopped loving her soon after the ring was on. He and his ex, a Korean woman named Linda, have a 17-year-old daughter together. Tabitha lives with her mother in southern New Jersey and has little contact with her father.

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