Rumor: Samy Mahfar Sells 210 Rivington Street to the Notorious Ariel Soudry

Posted on: April 22nd, 2015 at 5:00 am by
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Samy Mahfar and his SMA Equities management company already did enough damage at 210 Rivington Street. Time to move on, it seems. Word on the street is that the controversial landlord just sold off the corner property. As in last week. No cause for celebration, though. The alleged buyer, we are told, is no better than Mahfar. In fact, he might be worse – a convicted Medicaid fraudster.

Sources tell us that the new owner is none other than Ariel Soudry (aka Better Living Properties), yet public record is mum on the matter. Here is a man who, along with his wife, collected Medicaid benefits even though they had $2 million in the bank, a New Jersey vacation home, and a Range Rover. This was back in 2010, when the couple “canceled their own health insurance, pretended to be poor and used $59,000 in government benefits.”

Soudry apparently plays similar games with rent regulated tenants in his other Lower East Side holdings. One former tenant told Gothamist a few years ago, “If you had a dispute with him over something stupid he’d go to the basement and turn off your power.”

Here is a fuller taste of Soudry harassment horror stories from former tenants:

Cassie H. wrote in June 2014:

My apartment on Orchard St was soooooooo small. It would have been fine, IF management had actually taken care of the property. We had water damage on the ceiling and a wall. The brick wall was literally falling apart. The apartment smelt wet and moldy all the time. We called them for months to come fix it, they would say that they would come… Then never show up. Unless they came when we weren’t there and didn’t even do anything about it. Which wouldn’t surprise me… We’d constantly come home to frightened cats and an unlocked door. Leading me to believe they were always in and out without letting us know.

Aya M. wrote in October 2013:

First, the apartment is old, and Better Living just does not do enough work to take care of it. We had bed bugs (once), roaches (about 10 times) and we had to stack up Raids and roach traps, aside from relying on the exterminators that come once a month.

An anonymous tenant wrote this in 2000:

SAVE YOURSELF THE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do not rent an apartment from Better Living Properties. These people are violent, scarry, criminals!!! This brokerage is run by Ariel Soudry, the building manager. He rents and runs the apartments for his daddy, Abraham Soudry, who owns the buildings. These people are so very willing to break the law because they have gotten away with it in the past!!!! NO MORE!!!!!! Threats, physical violence, changing of locks, turning off electricity, turning off heat, taking tenant’s property…..hello? This is so wrong!!!! IT MUST STOP! If this message helps only one person it’s worth it for me to type….Thank You. -goodTenant

In two years of ownership – purchased in June 2013 for $7.625 million – Mahfar and SMA Equities allegedly made life a living hell for tenants with his scheme to upscale.

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