Sorry, I’m A Vandal: Tribute to Danny ‘PANE’ Rollins

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Yet again, another heartbreaking loss for the graffiti community. Our Uncapped series – showcasing heavy-hitting, influential graffiti artists from around the globe – will pause to pay homage to Danny “Pane” Rollins who passed away earlier this week. At 33-years-old, this was completely unexpected. Gut-wrenching for those who knew him.

PANE, as part of this community, now has a legacy. One that we have chosen to celebrate. In his honor, we hand the reins to his family and friends:

Danny was my big brother. As a kid he always looked out for me and I thought he was like Superman; nothing could stop him. He overcame so much, and even in low times he was always smiling. No matter what he did, he made sure he did it big. His family was his world and he was ours. He will be missed and loved for the rest of ours lives. Beloved son, great brother, loyal friend, and so…so much more. Words can’t express what he meant to us. Love u always bradda. Love… bradda —- @roller_86

Danny was a very kind-hearted person that would help you no matter what it was… From just painting or even having a regular conversation he was just cool and loyal always considered others. —BID

When I met Danny he was just a great energetic person. We spoke about graffiti and a bunch of other things. He actually contacted me through Ig and wanted a truck book. He said do you live in corona? I was like huh. Well he had these Jamaican colors in his profile pic and said where he lived. Lol. I was scratching my head like I never seen no Jamaicans in that block. When we met up I was expecting a black guy. Lo and behold we laughed. Shook hands and it was a bond from then on. I put him down with the crew and I must say he represented it from the start and to the end. It’s not the end for us. We will paint again on the flip side and he will always be my brother OTC king for life and beyond. I promise you one thing, Danny. My family will never forget the nights on the balcony talking shit and having a smoke. I don’t say it much but I love you brother. I am so glad you came into the family. Thanks for the memories. — Alski

In this new graff generation of gossip and bullshit, it was a breath of fresh air to meet someone with a good heart and no over-inflated ego. Danny was a man passionate about his art and the scene as a whole.  From the first day he invited the crew and myself out to paint, it was a good time, and laughs. That, to me is the epitome of a good human being. The world needed more dudes like this, and instead, lost one. Peace and love to all that knew him in this unpleasant time.—Nirvandal

Pane, You will be missed by many. My kids adored you and that alone is something special. You touched so many people and were always willing to help someone out. Our memories of you will live forever in our hearts. —Vicki Otc

Pane was a true supporter of what we as community stood for bonding, painting and connecting. He gave a 110% to where his help was needed. You’ll be missed. —-Invasionofthestickers

Only met him once, in person, just a few weeks ago. But felt like I knew him forever. We’ve been instafriends for a while. Wish I could’ve met him sooner and was able to build a legit friendship. At first contact you could just tell he was a REAL dude. And from what I know through the world of instagram he was a loyal, straight forward, sincere kind of guy. I’m really sorry for the loss of a gentleman like his self. For his family and friends and for the entire culture that is Graff. He will be missed and will never be forgotten. —- SKEE

This one goes out to Daniel”Pane” Rollins. I personally didn’t know him for a great deal of time, but the moment I met him, he showed me a side of genuine humbleness that, from what I understand from those who knew him best, was his only side. I’m saddened by the loss of such a great person. I wish I had more time to break bread with him, but I am comforted at the fact that I got a chance to make the last of beautiful  history. May he find solace by those that carry his art work that he holds so dear to his heart. This 1 goes out to you. —- Blac1

Danny was very humble and genuine. He’ll will be missed by family, friends and artists. — Einsoh

He was always loyal always trying to help out he is like family. Always supported. — Chia__otc

Danny was what you would consider a Real Gentleman. Genuine at heart. A stand up guy. Passionate about his art. I respected him because of how real he was. It was an honor to be his friend. You’ll be missed PANE! — INDAKUTNEWYORK

Our comment section below is a Guestbook today…please leave your thoughts and memories…

From our hearts to yours – Rest In Peace, PANE.

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