Le Baron’s Andre Saraiva is Opening Cafe ‘Henrie’ at 110 Forsyth

Posted on: August 11th, 2015 at 5:00 am by
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The block of Forsyth Street between Delancey and Broome hasn’t seen this much action since Adam Sandler’s The Cobbler held court.

One month of storefront surgery at 110 Forsyth Street resulted in this. Retooled retail. The former food cart garage beside Jose barber shop was quickly transformed into a new restaurant space. In fact, a neighbor tells us that a cafe is on the way. It’s called Henrie, as evidenced by the new neon signage.

Henrie is actually the brainchild of world renowned street artist and Le Baron founder Andre Saraiva (aka Mr. A). He’s the guy who draws those grinning stick figures around town. Apparently he just purchased a new condo down the block and is already getting involved in the local food scene.

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Mr. A stick figure on Lafayette St.

Our tipster noted:

I spoke with the owner. He’s a nice French guy, lives around the corner and said he’s opening a coffee shop. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner because the neighborhood needs it. I said I hope you’re not going for a liquor license because you will have staunch opposition. He said he had no interest. Of course if it’s a real food place beer and wine is cool. We really do need eggs around here.

Affordable lunch counter options are severely limited these days on the Lower East Side. It seems that everything is an artisanal brunch spot with two-hour wait times or nightclubs trying to diversify. From what we understand, there is some cautious optimism about the newcomer. We all know that it’ll eventually morph into a bar.

Opening is probably a month out.

Henrie ? coming soon ? #mrA ? NYC

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