The Cast Makes a Comeback with Great Frog; The Hunt Moving to Canal Street

Posted on: August 12th, 2015 at 9:29 am by
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The Cast is making its Lower East Side comeback. Two months after a rent hike forced it from Orchard Street, the long-running boutique is returning to its stomping ground. Not far from the former HQ. As in, right across the street.

Come September, owner Chuck Guarino will begin peddling product in the back room of the Great Frog at 72 Orchard. No longer just a rack of leather and other sundries up front. “I still love New York and I think this city needs The Cast,” the proprietor tells us from his new Los Angeles home. “We’re a specialty brand and people love the idea of coming in for a custom leather jacket.”

Guarino tells us that leather will still be made in New York City, while production of denims and blazers shifts to LA. All made in ‘Murica.

The Great Frog-Cast partnership makes sense. Some might call it punk rock synergy. Similar customer base.

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You’re probably asking yourself about the specialty antique shop that previously occupied the spot. The Hunt is upgrading, having already signed a lease down at 27 Canal Street. It’ll open right around the same time – first week of September. In line with its MO, we’re told that the Optimum Appliances sign will likely remain.

Meantime, the shoebox retail space at 71 Orchard remains vacant, awaiting a new tenant. The Malachite Group, which purchased the through block building for $25.6 million earlier this year, shot themselves in the foot.

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