Pop Karma on Orchard Street is Opening a ‘Flagship’ Stall in New Fulton Center

Posted on: October 15th, 2015 at 5:12 am by
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Three years into operations at 95 Orchard Street, Pop Karma is apparently flourishing. Ready for bigger and better. It’s nearing the final stages of a second store further downtown. One that is preemptively being called the flagship location.

Pop Karma is one of the lucky vendors who will operate in the brand-spankin’-new Fulton Center transit hub. And for a flagship footprint, it’s rather teensy. Approximately 100 square-feet of space to sell its flavored popcorn. “To continue growing, we need to have a solid retail foundation and that is what this location will provide,” notes owner Jean Tsai in her recent online appeal for cash.

Indeed, Ms. Tsai again sought support from the Kickstarter community she credits with the founding of the original store in 2012. After a month of marketing and collections, Pop Karma exceeded the goal of $5,000, and can now fund a second popcorn carmelizer. Here is more of a description from the campaign splash page, which ends later today…

To meet the needs of Store #2, we realized that Pookie needs help. Pookie is our beautiful caramelizer (above), that was named during our last Kickstarter campaign. It takes 20 minutes to make about 7 gallons of caramel popcorn. We need your help to help us buy a friend for Pookie and get him wired, which will cost $5,000.

Our next goal after a second caramelizer is the custom popcorn warmers. Since we have such a tiny space, we need to custom create our warmers, and those are $10,000.

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