Tat Chat: Hanksy’s Big Pun

Posted on: November 2nd, 2015 at 10:38 am by

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Hanksy’s “Run Forest Run” tattoo

Time to revive our on-again-off-again series, “Tat Chat,” in which we ask participants to divulge the stories behind their favorite tattoos.

Fresh off the second coming of “Surplus Candy” in Los Angeles, we caught up with street artist Hanksy to talk about his ink. The ubiquitous pun-master was eager to divulge his love of tattoos and the folks at Daredevil Tattoo on Division Street.

Bowery Boogie: Since puns are your game, does any of your own personal ink reflect that?

Hanksy: I’m huge into puns. I like small puns and I like Big Puns. I have CLR inked in classic script on my right torso. Stands for Christopher Lee Rios (like the rapper).

BB: Which is your favorite tattoo, and what’s the story behind it?

H: My skin suit is dotted with little black tattoos of all my favorite foods. Gummi bears, dumplings, and french fries are all well-represented. I’m really going for that Russian-prison-tattoo look. But with junk food.

BB: Favorite NYC tattoo parlor?

H: Chili Pete and the dudes over at DareDevil Tattoo treat me right.

BB: Do you regret any of your tattoos?

H: I regret that I didn’t make my Simpson’s donut bigger.

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Fan ink “R2DTupac,” Photo: Imgur

BB: Have any of your fans gotten tattoos of Hanksy art?

H: Yes. It always amazes me when I see pics pop up on social media. It’s a face slapping moment for sure. It’s also completely flattering.

BB: What advice would you offer to someone thinking of getting their fist tattoo?

H: I hear barbed wire or some sort of tribal arm ban is the next hot new design to get. Or maybe something on the lower back, right above the pelvis. So cool. So hot.

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